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Principles of proper and qualified personnel consulting

For more than 40 years, Dr. Newzella Consulting has been helping companies in the pharmaceutical industry to recruit specialists and executives. We thus make an important contribution to the success of German and international pharmaceutical companies. As a member of the Bundesverband Deutscher Unternehmensberater e. V. (BDU), we adhere to the principles of proper and qualified personnel consulting, which enables us to offer our clients professional quality standards.

A structured and efficient system

Our company’s own highly qualified and experienced team of searchers discreetly search the market for suitable applicants and carry out the initial telephone interviews. Face-to-face interviews are then held with the most promising candidates after the consultant in charge of the project has checked the documents and drawn up a shortlist.

We always act with the highest levels of professionalism – guaranteeing that your company is represented properly at all times. Once an interview has been held, the consultant draws up a detailed report. It goes without saying that all documents are processed and checked in detail before being sent out. Finally, if you wish, the lead consultant can also take part in the meetings at your company and provide support during the contractual negotiations.

Our clients include both medium-sized businesses and large international firms operating in the pharmaceutical and health care sector. We are able to fill positions from a whole range of areas – from marketing & sales, production & logistics and research & development, to business & corporate development, finance & controlling, regulatory affairs and human resources, all the way through to senior executive posts such as managing director.


Our fee for carrying out our services on an exclusive basis is structured as follows:

As payment for our services, our clients are charged 30% of the annual salary of the position to be filled (minimum fee: 19,500 EUR) plus VAT:

  • 1st instalment / deposit on commissioning us with the project
  • 2nd instalment after the presentation of the candidate profiles and
  • 3rd instalment when the candidate signs a contract of employment

plus the costs incurred by the consultants and searchers as a result of the project (settled via a project-related flat-rate expense allowance) as well as the expenses incurred by the applicants.

We provide the following guarantee when project fees are charged as above:

  • Should the candidate leave your company during their 6-month trial period, then we will fill the position again for no extra fee with only our expenses paid for by the client