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Professional HR management

Besides offering its headhunting activities, Dr. Newzella also provides a wide range of professional HR services to support your company. These include advertising services to help you find suitable applicants, salary studies, management audits, coaching and employee reference services. Simply get in touch with us if you would like to learn more about one or more of these services.

Acting as your professional outsourcing partner, we provide all the services required to place adverts in online and print media to help you find the applicants you need. The adverts can be published with your own logo or anonymously by using our logo.

Both the layout and the placement of the adverts are discussed in detail with you beforehand so that they live up to your expectations. We are, of course, happy to advise you on which channels are the most suitable for your goals.

Our premium package


  • compile the wording and design the layout of the advertisement
  • place the advertisement in online and/or print media
  • ensure the advertisement complies with the AGG [General Equal Treatment Act]
  • analyse the documents, pre-select the applicants and evaluate the candidates according to ability
  • hold short telephone interviews with the most promising candidates and draw up a short report on each applicant
  • perform all back office work and coordinate the appointments for the applicant interviews.

Are you interested in finding out more about this service? Then contact us now.

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The Dr. Newzella salary studies – a must for every decision-maker!

The general lack of transparency surrounding salaries is often one of the main reasons why companies have to initiate unnecessary HR processes and why many salary negotiations fail as the two parties have very different expectations. It is precisely for this reason that we have compiled our detailed salary studies to help you in your decision-making process.


2018 Salary Study: Production & QM

  • An examination of 23 positions in the areas of production, technology, quality management, pharmaceutical development and executive production management
  • Over 900 salaries surveyed within the pharmaceutical sector in Germany
  • A detailed analysis specifically for the German health care sector.


2019 Salary Study: Marketing & Sales

  • An examination of over 37 positions in the areas of marketing & sales as well as support / shared services, medical sciences and executive management positions
  • Over 2,000 salaries surveyed within the pharmaceutical sector
  • A detailed analysis specifically for the German health care sector.


If you would like to learn more about our salary studies, please contact: Jens Kahmann, Project Manager, E-Mail:

Our management audit is a flexible and useful instrument that can help you optimize the structure of your company. It enables you to gather the specific information you need to reach a decision and can be used in a variety of ways – from checking the suitability of an applicant for an in-house position to drawing up an objective analysis of the established structures.


Three steps to success:

  1. Defining the precise requirements: this first step involves us defining what your exact requirements are and how our analysis should be carried out; the project goals are discussed and determined together with you.
  2. Carrying out the management audit: face-to-face interviews are held and meaningful testing methods deployed to assess the potential of the employee/applicant.
  3. Evaluation and feedback: a detailed analysis is sent to you based on the above interviews and tests; we also use this information to suggest appropriate remuneration packages and make concrete recommendations.

Further information available at:

We offer our clients a coaching service as an additional and optional service in our Executive Search contracts to help their new employees adapt to their new environment. As part of this service, we support a candidate – who we have found – during their first three or six months at their new employer. Our goal here is to grow the relationship between the client and employee to the satisfaction of both parties.

We contact the candidate at regular intervals or on an as-needs basis during their probationary period. The coaching sessions address topical situations and challenges and focus on solution and future-oriented discussions, exercises and measures to support business processes.

Offering such coaching support helps prevent the contract of employment being unexpectedly terminated during the probationary period. All of the coaching services and all of the documents and information provided by the client and employee are treated as strictly confidential.

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When employees leave a company, they are entitled to receive a valid letter of reference which must be written in line with strict rules. And, in some cases, an interim report needs to be issued to sum up the performance of members of staff. The line managers responsible for writing these often dislike having to do this work as it is time consuming and incurs costs. No matter what they feel, however, they must always be careful with their wording as a letter of reference that has just been “thrown together” can lead to protests and complaints from the employee.

All good reasons, therefore, for using our professional employee reference services – and having us support you and reduce your workload.


Writing letters of reference: our service package

  • Drawing up a valid letter of reference
  • Integrating the grades as requested
  • Basis: description of the position and previous letters of reference.

Have you received a letter of reference from your employer? Would you like an expert to check it is okay? Then have one of our experts take a look at it to make sure it really reflects your performance.

Evaluating letters of reference: our service package

  • Checking it conforms with the rules
  • Determining which grade has been given
  • Translating the “language” of the letter of reference
  • Proposing amendments, if necessary.

Are you interested in finding out more about this service? Then contact us now.

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