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Dr. Newzella Consulting

Drensteinfurt has been home to the Newzella family’s noble ancestors for over 250 years. The family has lived in Steinfurt Castle, one of Drensteinfurt’s well-known landmarks, for generations now. It was a natural decision, therefore, for Dr Michael Newzella to set up his own company in this beautiful part of Westphalia. It also made good business sense as the majority of the people employed in the German pharmaceutical industry work and live in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Germany has the third-largest pharmaceutical market following North America and Japan.

As with other industries, the pharmaceutical sector is becoming ever more global. This is intensifying competition and making national health care markets ever more complex. For individual companies to hold their own, they must create and maintain a competitive edge. We help our clients to do just that – supporting them as external consultants to achieve their goal of making their operations more efficient and effective and their company more successful. Ever since its foundation in 1980, Dr. Newzella Consulting has kept true to its philosophy of focusing on specific markets and on the strategic areas of executive search and consulting.

Our areas of expertise primarily cover the life science and health care markets. We offer our services in the world’s second and third-largest pharma markets – namely in Europe and Japan – as well as in India and China.

Of all the services provided by our company, it is executive search that we have been offering the longest. It is this division that is our source of information for all our other fields of business. Our executive search team fills all positions needed for this industry – whether it be a pharmaceutical sales representative or the chair of a board of directors. We always approach potential candidates directly when looking to fill a vacancy. The only exception here is when we search for fieldwork staff, as these projects often require us to put together whole teams of sales reps.

We always work closely with our clients to ensure their projects are completed successfully – making the very most of the know-how we have gathered from previous projects and the years of experience of our consultants and staff. And, of course, working true to our motto and philosophy:


Competence is our concept!