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Providing just the advice your company needs

Having worked at a number of large pharmaceutical firms around the world and held a variety of positions – from HR manager, legal adviser, product manager and marketing and sales manager through to managing director – I decided to take the plunge and set up my own business. A step I took in 1980 when I founded my own company.

My team may have been small back then but we had a wealth of know-how and experience of the industry and I knew right from the start that we would be able to provide our clients with the exact services and advice they needed.

Nowadays, our firm has two separate divisions that support and complement each other perfectly: our executive search division that focuses on filling specialist and executive positions in the pharmaceutical industry; and our consultancy division which manages M&A projects, buys and sells patents and licences and analyses markets on behalf of its clients.

My company has been offering its services since 1980 and I am both delighted and thankful that my sons have joined me and are themselves now running the operational side of the business. I know that they will not only continue to manage the company in the same spirit as I have done but that they will also expand it and realise their clients’ wishes with the help of their strong and capable teams.

It goes without saying that I look forward to working with them for many more years to come.



Michael Newzella