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Dr Christoph Newzella

Managing Partner

Dr Christoph Newzella is managing director of our company and head of the business units dealing with M&A, P&L and training activities.

Dr Christoph Newzella has worked at our company since 1997, focusing to begin with on the areas of finance and controlling. He studied Economics at the Faculty of Business and Economics at Münster University, majoring in the subjects of distribution & trade and accounting & controlling. In 1998, he wrote his dissertation on the subject “Efficient Consumer Response and Category Management: An Analysis and Consideration of Economic Ratios” at the University’s Department of Distribution & Trade. Having gained his degree, Dr Newzella then completed a PhD course at the Department of Economics and Socio-Politics at the University of Vienna, where he wrote his thesis on the subject: “Regulation and European Integration of the Pharmaceutical Industry”. He joined our company’s executive management team in 2002.

Since then, he has managed and successfully concluded a wide range of national and international corporate and business development projects. These projects have involved all kinds of collaboration opportunities including marketing authorisations, licences, co-promotion, co-marketing and early entries as well as product and company acquisitions.


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